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I provide both online and in-person art and cartooning workshops, mainly to young people but I am able to offer workshops to adults as well.

The philosophy behind my workshops is that art can be fun and accessible to everyone and that the creative journey is more important than the destination.

All workshops and classes can be tailored to the customer's needs. If you are interested in booking me for a workshop please feel free to get in contact.  

comic layout
Comic Strip warm up exercise
2 point perspective
Drawing Exercise

online workshops

Since 2021 I have been providing online comic art and cartooning workshops and enrichment classes (Bilborough 6th Form College, Nottingham). 

These classes are designed for anyone interested in drawing or gaining work in this field in the future. The topics taught can range from anatomy for artists, drawing in perspective, storytelling, and character design.

All online workshops are provided over Zoom or Teams.

Examples of slides used in my online comics enrichment course for Bilborough 6th Form College.


For my workshops, I have worked in schools and art centers.

All workshops are light-hearted exploring the fun we can have with art. However, they can be tailored to be more educational.

SpeakUP! Arts Connect 2022
SpeakUP! Arts Connect 2022
SpeakUP! Arts Connect 2022
SpeakUP! Arts Connect 2022

Artwork created by the talented participants at 

SpeakUP! Arts Connect 2022

(Ages between 7-21)

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